Real-time monitoring of One Identity Manager via Argos

Argos is a monitoring tool for any One Identity Manager Installation with a turnkey solution and preconfigured intelligence that can be tailored as needed. Try the solution yourself and see how it will save support costs and reduce incidents impacting the business.
Argos is an official One Identity Manager integration

Prevent issues before they become bigger problems.

Argos allows monitoring One Identity Manager in an effective, modern and scalable way. It can prevent incidents from/to end-users by promptly detecting any malfunctioning and coordinate the effort of the supporting teams. Plus, it can provide an overview and statistics of the health status of the system.

Reduces costs

Reduces your support costs by at least 30%.

Monitoring Intelligence

Has specific One Identity Manager monitoring intelligence.

Easy to use

Argos is easy to install, use and configure.

Monitoring the health status of the system

Argos fixes the problem by performing extensive monitoring of multiple metrics real-time, periodically and 24/7. Any problem of the system is automatically detected, a notification is sent to the support team and the issue is quickly resolved before it has an impact on the organization.